used in making SKIN-based Ribbon (Tape) of Adhesive Tape in Hair
We provide training how to make Skin-base(ribbon, tape) of Adhesive Tape In Hair with chemicals(glues).

The final product will be like the skin weft shown at the below photo saying "PT-20170805-STH".

This manufacturing method does not need expensive equipment (machines, tools, chemicals).

We have one glue system (method) and 3 glue system (method).
We produce glue, G749-STH (used for one glue system), and G7011-TH, G7044-TH used for 3 glue system together with G749-STH .
ONLINE TRAINING We provide Online Training Material Set for 1 glue system at US$1,500.00 including shipping cost
2b) What to be sent to you
(List of the Training materials set)

1) DVD(videos),
2) Written Manual,
3) Glue, G749-STH (1 Liter)

4) Accessories and supplies for application,
5) Double sided Adhesive Tape (Roll)
6) Samples showing how to build up and what materials used, work sequence, etc
7) Reference materials for communication for future Q & A
(After-Training Technical Support Service)

G749-STH : One Component Glue G7011-S & G7044-T are Two Component Glue